Franks 2020 Campaign

After our recent beautiful but busy campaigns, we felt that this year […]

After our recent beautiful but busy campaigns, we felt that this year was the time to bare our soul and humbly communicate our true self.

Being 126 years old (thankfully we do not look it), keeping at par with the changing times but at the same time true to our roots is not always easy.  So it is very important to always remember who we are and what we stand for, because staying true to ourselves was always part of our strategy.

We are FRANKS – The Art Of Living Beautiful

We are very proud of our heritage, proud to be 126 years old, but still young at heart!

Yes, we stand for The Art of Living Beautiful – whether that is an expensive cream or perfume, or whether it is a highly affordable make up item, a coffee or stocking filler.  Irrelevant of the price, we represent brands that we love, brands that inspire passion and excitement in both our team and clientele.

Anything at Franks will surely add to YOUR Art of Living Beautiful. 

Hence we present you the Franks 2020 campaign.

Franks 2020 Campaign

Our logo and tag line, in our classic & elegant colour codes – a definition of what we truly stand for – our Brand Identity.  Because when you meet a person, you always introduce yourself with your name!!

In 2020, we will continue to build on what we have achieved, with our customers remaining at the heart of everything we do.  At Franks, one does not just buy a product or a brand, but most importantly you get the experience of highly dedicated, trained and passionate employees, ensuring that you get a great shopping experience, adding the final seal of quality and re-assurance and delving in The Art of Living Beautiful, that locally, only Franks can provide.