New by Penhaligon’s…

It was once upon a time. Not Quite such a very long […]

It was once upon a time. Not Quite such a very long time ago. About 150 years. William was a barber. Penhaligon was his name. He had left behind his Cornish sea, took a train and before long was hanging the sign with his name above the new barber’s shop on Jermyn Street.



«When you have the Royal ear, your life changes gear.»

As Queen Anne’s best friend from the age of 15 she rose to great power keeping the Royal dresses pristine, but of course, nothing, oh nothing, is ever quite what it seems…

You see for Sarah, the Duchess of Marlborough – supremely assertive and clever political advancement was her forever-endeavour.

Loyal and gracious, cute and vivacious she pulled strings behind the scenes with a degree of sophistry doing it so well, she left her mark on history.


Speaking of invisible influence, now let’s turn to our scent, Her story is inspiring if you’re on the ascent. Today being an influencer with just one important follower Does not allow you to build palaces – even if you’re really fabulous.

The story of this perfume evolves around a flower. Mimosa, warm and powdery, yields its own soft-power. Freesia, violet and mandarin develop fast a bright confidence on-skin. But soon, the light fades, and it’s a little boudoir-esque… Perfect for sundown, it’s signed with the most elegant Indian sandalwood, and musk.

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!