Trussardi Donna and Uomo – The Levriero Collection

Style as a necessity and elegance expressed through a constant search for […]

Style as a necessity and elegance expressed through a constant search for beauty, virtue and truth: this is the magic of Trussardi, a historic Italian brand.

To celebrate 100 years of successes, it launched two new olfactory creations in 2011 inspired by the iconic fragrances of the 1980s: Trussardi Donna and Trussardi Uomo.

The centennial fragrances are now the starting point for the Levriero Collection, a limited edition for gifting and collecting. In both cases the concentration has been strengthened: Eau de Parfum Intense for her, Eau de Parfum for him. The bottles and packaging are unique: like two small sculptures, each is contained inside a gold-trimmed box.

The idea of luxury and quality that the brand of the greyhound has been able to express in all aspects of contemporary life has remained unchanged. But now this black and white story enters the realms of dreams and magic. We start from yin (black) and yang (white), masculine and feminine, sun and moon, light and shadow, positive and negative, revelation and mystery, hot and cold, strength and lightness.


The fragrance belongs to the oriental-floral olfactory family. The head notes create a luminous, fruity aura with a skillful blend of yuzu, citron and water fruits. The heart notes bloom with the velvet femininity of Osmanthus, orange blossom, water lilies and jasmine tea. The base notes release the profound sensuousness of woods: cedar, sandalwood, white patchouli and vanilla.


The fragrance belongs to a typically masculine olfactory family: fougère-woody. The fresh Italian elegance of lemon, bergamot, galbanum and nutmeg emerge in the head notes. The heart is characterized by the refined virility of a blend of clary sage, geranium and violet leaves. The apotheosis of strength and sensuality comes with the base notes: patchouli, moss accord, leather accord, akigalawood (a precious fractional note of patchouli) and sandalwood.