The Double Serum Saga

« It all started when the other one said no », was what Jacques […]

The Double Serum Saga

« It all started when the other one said no », was what Jacques Courtin-Clarins always used to say.

In 1985, Jacques Courtin-Clarins presented a previously insurmountable challenge to chemical engineer, Lionel de Benetti: combine all the active ingredients that have an influence on the youth of the skin together, in a single product. For the chemist, anti-aging is a challenge: some ingredients are only soluble in water, others only in oil. That’s when the founder of Clarins got the idea of offering the treatment in two separate bottles, for the customer to mix together at the time of use. Double Serum was born.

With its eighteen active ingredients offered in two bottles, the product included all the ingredients known for enhancing the youth of the skin. Constantly improved – this is the open formula philosophy – the Double Serum formula has evolved in line with Clarins research findings.
Today, the seventh generation has twenty plant-based active ingredients and an effectiveness booster: cangzhu, a Chinese medicinal herb. Unprecedented testing on a multi-ethnic panel helped prove the effectiveness of this new formula.

But innovation did not stop at the scientific performance. The Double Serum dosage system today is contained in a single bottle with two compartments, each with a separate pump. The two key elements never come into contact, thereby preserving the effectiveness of the oil and water soluble active ingredients.  The mixture only happens at application, providing a sufficiently precise dosage to balance the ratio between oil and water, as close as possible to the composition of the hydrolipid film of the skin.