The Mugler Spirit

Since the Mugler brand was created in 1974, the designer has given […]

Since the Mugler brand was created in 1974, the designer has given free rein to his imagination, building a world governed by fantasies, extravagances and experiments day by day. A futuristic space and time where the power of the unexpected, the strength of boldness and unlimited creativity give you wings and encourage transformation…


Thierry Mugler: Boldness in style

As a dreamy and solitary child, he joined the Ballet at the Opéra du Rhin at age 14. At 20 he left Strasbourg for Paris, becoming a stylist for major ready-to-wear fashion houses. But he dreamed of a fantasy life in the excitement and spotlight of Parisian glamour… Right after his first show in 1973, he launched an explosive brand with a pioneering luxury style. With a style that was as fanciful as it was perfectionist, he managed to establish his recognisable hallmarks immediately.

Thierry Mugler imagines, creates and experiments freely, in all areas. From his couture years – when his strict suits, dazzling sheaths and crazy costumes were revealed at major fashion shows by swaggering icons, enchanting and glamorous stars, and extravagant divas – to his exploratory period, marked by an entirely original form of Haute Parfumerie, highly artistic shows and photograph-paintings.

The visionary designer creates exceptional fragrances that incorporate the finest materials. Lingering fragrances that play with original combinations. Short and balanced formulas developed from two to three overdosed notes. Harmony in excess. Simply magical.